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The Power of Your Words in RECRUITMENT

THE BIG WHY – Why are you asking for 9+ years experience?

What you think you need is a Head of Marketing with 9+ years’ experience
What you actually need is a Head of Marketing who is a problem solver and can raise brand awareness to turn around decreasing sales.

THE BIG WHAT What does your job description and job advert say?

90% of  Job Descriptions say: Yet 90% of Candidates Respond to:
Must have 9+ years’ marketing experience You have raised brand awareness and increased sales in a startup without a strong brand
Degree Educated/PhD Desirable You can influence people at all levels from your team to the Executive Board
5+ years in a senior leadership position This job is for you if you enjoy talking to, inspiring and leading people

THE BIG HOW – How do you know you’ve selected the right person?

Typical interview question Our approach
Q: “Tell me about a time when you solved a problem and how you did it?”

How do you know if they are good at solving problems or just giving a well-rehearsed answer?
1. We’ve identified you need a problem solver
2. We ask a question giving a real business situation “Our business is not well known yet, how would you go about increasing brand awareness and sales?”
3. The words they use unconsciously will tell us if they really are a problem solver.


Only 50% of job recruitment is successful. We help you increase your success to 90% by coaching and mentoring you to know:

  • what you really need people to do in the job
  • how to use the right words to attract the right people for the job
  • what are the right questions to ask and how to uncover a candidate’s real potential.

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The Power of Their Words in RETENTION

THE BIG WHY – The real reasons people leave

What they tell you The real reason is
I found a better paid job You didn’t consult me before moving me to this new role
I want to retire early I’m finding it difficult managing former colleagues.

THE BIG HOW – How can you tell you are about to lose key people?

You notice We ask
They’ve stopped contributing at meetings What has changed to stop you feeling you can make a difference?
They block rather than support decisions What has happened to make you mistrust your boss and peers?

THE BIG WHAT – What can you do to increase retention that is easy to implement?

What you think you should do Support that works longer term
Increase salary and benefits package Understand why they are demotivated
Put a relaxation room in the office Offer them opportunities to work through their issues with an impartial coach
Offer homeworking options They will gain insights into their situation and what they can do about it.


We help you hold on to key staff by:

  • helping them understand why they are demotivated
  • uncovering the real reasons they want to leave
  • coaching them to use the right words to influence the people around them.


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What Recrion’s clients have to say!

Who are we?

Meet Katherine


Katherine believes that understanding human behaviour lies at the heart of recruitment and retention. Ever since she can remember, Katherine has been curious about what triggers people’s motivations and how they act.  One of her earliest clients was a start-up called Nildram – a small ISP provider with big ambitions. Working with them to understand what a “Nildram” person looked like enabled them to grow rapidly, attract technical candidates from much larger competitors like Freeserve  and sell to PIPEX Communications (now TalkTalk). As a Recruitment Coach, Katherine brings together her extensive recruitment and behavioural experience and ensures that the way her clients recruit is in sync with how people’s minds work.

Early Career

Following her degree in Humanities at Stellenbosch University in South Africa, Katherine embarked on a career involving people. By the time she started her first recruitment business aged 27, she had honed her skills by working as a Recruitment Consultant, Marketing Executive and Public Relations Officer. Katherine and her husband moved to the UK in 1995 where she became a head-hunter before starting Recrion in 2001.

Some of the things you might like to know about Katherine:

  • Designed and rolled out a centralised recruitment process for PIPEX Communications (now part of TalkTalk) resulting in increased retention and cost savings of £1.2 million in the first year.
  • Achieved recruitment and selection success rates of 80 – 92% as a head-hunter and recruitment coach.
  • Studied with world-renowned Behavioural expert, Shelle Rose Charvet in 2010 and 2011 to become one of just 550 practitioners in the world to master a psycho-linguistic tool, the Language and Behavioural (LAB) Profile.
  • Gained recognition for her forward thinking approach to recruitment in the Mercury Business Awards – Business of the Year Runner Up and Business Personality of the Year Runner Up at the same event.




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